Perfect Valentine's Day Wine?

I was recently asked “ What is the best wine for Valentines Day?” Hmmm. One that comes in a bottle? Probably not what they meant. So I did a little research. Many search engines give wines with “romantic” names, such as Chateau Julien French Kiss, Broc Cellars Love Red, Chateau La Tour Carnet Medoc Passion, Mouton Noir Rose Love Drunk…. You get the picture. I think those are good options, obviously romantic and undoubtedly delicious.

The somm in me says, find out what the recipient likes and find the best wine that you can afford and THAT is the perfect wine. If she loves Italian Brunello, then get a hard to find bottle of Brunello from a great producer. I love this idea, for obvious reasons. Oh, and if you see my husband, I love a good Brunello. Oh sorry, this isn’t about me.

I recently read an article by Jane Nickles who is the Director of Education for the Society of Wine Educators. She says the perfect wine for Valentines Day is Brachetto d’Acqui, and the absolute most romantic of these is Rosa Regale by Banfi Vitners. The bottle is beautiful, elegantly shaped, and the clear bottle allows you to see the clear garnet-red color of the wine. Then there’s the black and gold label with a picture of a red rose!

This wine is from Peidmont Italy, one of the finest wine regions of the world, and Jane says that Brachetto is the perfect wine to bring on a date.

This wine has all the ingredients you need in a romantic wine… it’s pinkish red, bubbly, lightly sweet, low in alcohol and a perfect match for chocolate. The slight sweetness and the raspberry-strawberry flavors make it a perfect match for milk chocolate dipped strawberries.

She describes the aromas of Brachetto as a haunting memory of roses, rose-honey potpourri, or wedding bouquet.

The following is what she tells her male students so that they can implement a picture-perfect seduction. (Remember, her students are all over the age of 21)

First make some hand-dipped milk-chocolate strawberries. Put them in a pretty box and show up for your date with the strawberries and a bottle of Braqchetto. After your sweetheart opens the door, say, “Hey baby, I’ve got the bubbly and the chocolate strawberries… everything you ever wanted for Valentine’s Day.” If your gal (or guy) is anything like Jane, they’ll say “Oh yeah? Where are my roses???” to which you reply, “In the bottle, baby… in the bottle.”

Seriously, don’t you wish all your teachers would give you such practical information?

Hope this helps, have a great Valentines Day!

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